Monthly Archives: October 2012

“Good luck.”

I’ve been made aware of a prank happening to me sometime this month. Doyle is delighted.

Chris is elated enough about this plan that he has been habitually dropping hints whenever he’s bored. Which is often. He is chipper. He is downright gleeful.

I… I don’t even.

I thought I’d post the hints up here, just in case someone can actually guess what they’re plotting, but also in case the police need some sort of record or something maybe just in case things go wrong, which is far too¬†possible.

1. First of all. The prank cost our friend Sam $120 dollars, funded to my knowledge out of sheer spite.

2. Remember that part when I was like, “at least this thing doesn’t glow”?

…yeah. Yeah.

3. Somehow Chris’ cancer-playboys are being used for this.

4. I was told that “My Little Pony” plays a part in this. I’m not sure if that was a decoy, but I wouldn’t be surprised either way.

5. It’s from Belgium.

6. It’s here.

I’m scared, guys. I’m scared.