“Let’s not throw burning shuttles into my window.”

First of all, we had the housewarming party.

Doyle and our friend Zack cuddled:

This happens often.

Dyck was bored.

He was sleeping at first, but then he was pretty contented to just stare into the nothingness of the wall.



Right. So. Party happened. It went pretty much as expected. Dyck was drunk and antisocial, Doyle was sober and social, and I hid in my room. All in all, good night.

In any case, the next day, Doyle and Dyck decided to  install curtains/blinds into most of the windows of the house. Here I was, thinking that we were going to have a day of responsible adulthood.


At some point the decision was made to make the instructions for installing the blinds into paper airplanes, light them on fire, and send them hurtling out of Doyle’s bedroom window.

Dyck would wait below to bat at it with one of our curtain rods.

He was enthusiastic.

Tabitha (our friend): Can you guys have fires in the backyard?

Doyle and Dyck (simultaneously): Yes/No.

Dyck: Wait. No, we can’t. There are rules about this sort of thing. It’s completely irresponsible.

Doyle: Look at what we’re doing.

Dyck: …fair.

The best part about this is that even after we said that we probably weren’t allowed to do this, our guests never said a word. Thanks for looking out for us, guys.


Kelsey: You know, we just move out, still in the middle of trying to convince our parents that we’re capable of living on our own and being responsible adults, and then this. This happens.

Doyle: I think we should try this with cardboard.

Kelsey: What if one of these lands in the neighbour’s yard?

Doyle: Get me some cardboard.

I don’t actually know what he’s doing here.

At this point Dyck started throwing the flaming airplanes back up to Doyle’s window, but most of them didn’t cover much ground. The cardboard airplane seemed promising when Doyle threw it down.


It flew into the neighbour’s yard.

I was laughing because this actually happened, but below us, Dyck absolutely did not want to go into the neighbour’s yard to retrieve it. I thought he definitely should. Then he would have to explain how it got there.

Doyle tried to convince Dyck to go and get it, but Dyck wasn’t a big fan of explaining the flaming airplane to the neighbours. They were very serious when they were discussing this. It was hilarious.

Fortunately, Tabitha volunteered to help get it and Doyle went with.

Trespassing and pyrotechny all in one day.

It was a good day for adulthood.

Shortly after putting the curtains up downstairs, Dyck remembered that he had bought a whiteboard to hang in the main living area so as to write down lists, our schedules, or other such things that we shouldn’t forget. This was a good idea. I thought the day was going to end on a note of normalcy.



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