Monthly Archives: May 2012

“Oh my God! It’ll be just like a sitcom!”

Basically, I’m a twenty-year old girl living with two guys. They’re two of my best friends and their names are Chris. (Technically, one is Christian and the other is Christopher, but either way.)

Sometime near the end of February or March or at the very least before April, we decided to move in together for various reasons. Partially because we all go to the same school in a different town, partially because we weren’t all too happy with where we were living, and partially to get away from our parents. Or independence. Either way.

Anyway, we have some good times and funny things usually follow. Sometimes only funny in retrospect, if you know what I mean.

In any case, we’re all sort of starting a new journey, taking another step towards adulthood, and maybe growing closer as friends. You could say that I wanted to immortalize this in writing.

It’s really more┬áthat I wanted to make fun of my friends on a public forum.

When I tell people that I’m moving in with two guys, nine times out of ten I get, “Oh my God! It’ll be just like a sitcom!”, and sometimes, “Like ‘Three’s Company’ but the other way around!”

Either way, things are said and done and it’s a laugh. I figure it wouldn’t hurt to share some of those laughs with the rest of the world, you know?